Finding The Best Crib

Finding the best crib is one of the most important things that parents will have to do for their children.  When my first child was born I realized that I had no idea what was involved in setting up a nursery and making sure that my child was going to be safe and happy in their new home.


Unwanted Advice On Parenting

When I found out I was pregnant I started receiving unwanted advice from a lot of people.  I mean, a LOT.  People I barely knew were happy to give me long winded reviews on cribs, cars seats, food, discipline, pets, air quality and probably on the state of my wardrobe (I tended to tune them out).  While the advice was well meant it accomplished only one thing.  It confused me and made me question everything that I thought I was going to do for my new baby.

That’s why I started this site.  I wanted to help cut through some of the clutter of information that overwhelms parents and try to point them in the right direction so that they can absorb some facts and make their own well-thought out decisions.  I don’t have all of the answers, I probably don’t have very many of the answers, but  I will try to give you some practical suggestions about child care and taking care of your baby.