Check Out These Great Baby Products

Check Out These Great Baby Products

You’re exhausted. You hurt all over and it seems like you haven’t slept in a month.  Sometimes it seems like you’ve just finished a marathon or climbed all of the stairs in the Washington Monument. You’re just a parent and feeling like this comes from taking care of your child.

Baby Care Tips For Exhausted Parents

With all of the demands that are piled onto parents it’s nice to know that there are numerous products designed to help parents with the chores involved in raising a child while helping them to conserve energy and reduce the wear and tear on their bodies.  More and more items are being created with the overextended parent in mind and are aimed at making a parent’s life much easier.  Here are a few products that we like that will help you feel less exhausted and worn out.

Child Carriers

You may have seen this product advertised as a baby sling.  These carriers are now more-well designed and lightweight, allowing a parent to safely carry their baby while keep both hands free. A baby carrier can be a great alternative to a stroller for times that you don’t want or need to put the stroller in the car, unload it and set it up.  You won’t have the convenience a stroller offers for carrying a diaper bag or other items but a sling is perfect for a short stroll.  It also is great for giving your child the comfort of being help close to your chest.

Nursing Necklaces

Babies who are nursing can become distracted and start to pinch or pull on mom, creating some uncomfortable moment.  A nursing necklace is a colorful but safe piece of jewelry that nursing moms can wear when their child is feeding.  If your infant starts to get distracted or begins grabbing, you can  tempt them with the nursing necklace and save yourself the pain of being scratched or pinched.  They should be bright, you want to get your child’s attention.  They can be found at most discount stores and baby stores and are usually quite inexpensive.

Infant Sleep Sacks

Infant or baby sleep sacks have been popular in Europe for years and they are beginning to find a place in the American market.  An infant sleep sack is basically a wearable blanket that is made from a relatively heavy material.  Most health professionals don’t recommend them for children under 3 months of age.  Used correctly a sleep sack offers a safe way of putting your child down for a nap or for the night.  The zipper opens at both ends and allows your child room to move their arms without having the risk of getting tangled up in and blankets.  Some studies have shown that infants under the age of one who sleep in a sleep sack have a lower risk of SIDS.

Covers For A Shopping Cart

Who knew that putting your child in the shopping cart at the supermarket would expose them to so many germs?  Some studies have shown that shopping carts found in busy grocery stores will have as many germs as are found in public restrooms.  No one want to expose their child to such a germ fest and so shopping cart covers were developed.

Shopping cart covers for babies.

Most shopping cart covers work as a liner to be placed in the child seating section of a cart.  They are usually inexpensive, machine washable and very easy to install.  Placed correctly in the cart the cover acts as a barrier between your child and the germ coated shopping cart.  They can also be used on high chairs in restaurants and swing sets at a public park.

Blankets For A Stroller

How many times has this happened to you-you are pushing your child in their stroller and you realize that you have just dragged the baby stroller blanket through a puddle.  Somehow the blanket started to hang out of the stroller and you have been dragging it through untold piles of filth.  Even worse, your child is eyeing that blanket with the intent of putting the really dirty part in their mouth.

Find The Best Baby Stroller Blankets.

A standard child’s blanket will usually be the wrong size for your stroller.  Luckily most stroller manufacturers have been working with blanket makers to produce specially sized blankets for strollers.  These blankets fit snugly in the stroller and still allow you to wrap up your infant to keep them warm and cozy.  No more puddle blankets in your stroller!

Blankets For A Car Seat

Similar to the problem of blankets not fitting in a stroller, most blankets won’t fit well in most car seats.  Experts recommend that you place your child in the car seat before tucking in any blankets.  This is where car seat blankets can be a great tool for any parents.  The blanket will fit safely with the car seat and you can be certain that your little one is safe and warm.

Lullaby CDs

Help Your Child Go To Sleep With Lullaby CDs.

Nothing tests a parent’s patience more than a child that won’t do to sleep. Today’s range of lullaby CDs are created specifically to lull babies to sleep and are perfect yet simple tools to help you get your child to fall asleep.  Most of these CDs are programmed to surround your child with soothing, relaxing sound, they are not meant to be sung along with.  By playing them at a low volume your child will soon become relaxed and more prone to fall asleep.

Herbal Baby Products

More health professionals are recommending herbal products for babies.  There are some excellent herbal products that work very well for diaper rash and teething pains.  The issue with any herbal product is going to be safety.  These products don’t have to meet the rigorous tests that prescription products have to and there are some cases where the actual product doesn’t match what the label says.  That said, brand name herbal products purchased from a well-known retailer can be excellent additions to a parent’s arsenal.

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