Great Tips For Buying The Best Baby Stroller

Great Tips For Buying The Best Baby Stroller

One of the most important purchases you will make when you have a child will be the baby stroller that you are going to use.  You will quickly discover that there is a wide variety of strollers, each with different designs and features that may or may not be important to you.  Part of your buying process has to start with a few questions concerning how you are going to use the stroller, where you are going to use it and if you will need a different stroller for newborns as opposed to older children.

Jogging Baby Strollers

Jogging strollers have become very popular and offer parents the ability to get some exercise while they take their child for an outdoor journey. You will find a wide assortment of options with a jogging stroller, including single or multiple seats.  One point to keep in mind with jogging strollers is that they are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic.  They usually don’t have much space for storage.  They are great if you are planning on a run but they may not be practical if you want to use them for a day at the beach and need to bring a large amount of supplies with you.

Many newer strollers will come with a removable tray near the push bar.  This tray will usually have one or two cup holders and a section for you to put your phone, wallet and other loose items.   These trays are handy but make sure they are made from a durable material.

Newborns May Require A Special Type Of Stroller

When picking a stroller, especially for newborn babies, you have to be certain that it is age appropriate for your child.  You may want to look at a stroller that can convert from a newborn stroller to an infant stroller.  Some of these convertible strollers also have a car seat option.  It’s important that the stroller you choose is the right one for the size of your child.

Safety is critical with any baby stroller, so make sure the straps are well secured and easy to use.  All of the buckles and fasteners must by easy to release quickly, but they should not be too easily removed.  You don’t want your curious child accidentally unsnapping the straps and falling out of the stroller.

Do A Safety Check If You Are Buying A Used Stroller

Usually it is fine to buy a used, second hand stroller.  Make sure to do a complete safety check before you buy.  Inspect all of the belts and buckles and make sure they are secure and sturdy.  Carefully check the frame for any fractures, breaks or loose parts.  Also check the wheels for any loose attachments or rubber damage.  The lining and the hood should have no tears or holes.

Take A Look At Convertible Strollers

Recently some manufacturers have designed strollers that can be converted to a child’s car seat.  This can be a great convenience when it comes to moving your child from stroller to car and back again.  The car seat base stays with the car, firmly attached.  The seat itself detaches and then snaps into place on the stroller.  It’s a solid system that attaches the seat to the stroller frame.  It does come at a price, a convertible stroller is almost always more expensive.

Make Sure That The Stroller Will Work On Uneven Surfaces

The majority of strollers are made for smooth surfaces such as a street or sidewalk.  They don’t have much in the way of shock reduction and the wheels are narrow.  Some manufacturers are offering strollers designed to handle rougher terrains.  These are great if you plan on hiking or walking in areas that are rugged and uneven.  The tires are wider and there are springs and shocks to smooth out the ride for your child.

A Baby Stroller For Rougher Terrains

Most strollers now come with a simple brake system that is attached to the rear wheels of the unit.  Some are foot controlled, some have hand controls and a few have both types of controls.  The brake system is designed to slow and stop the stroller without tipping it over.

Stroller Recalls And Replacements

There are three good sources to check when it comes to any recall notices on strollers.  The Consumer Products Safety Commission is the organization that will actually issue the recall.  They post regular updates on recalls or notices on strollers.

You can also check with the retailer that sold you the stroller.  They will have recall notice information and may be working with the manufacturer on the problem.  A stroller is a major purchase and you should keep the receipt for as long as you have the stroller.

The third source of recall information will be the manufacturer.  If you have registered your product with the manufacturer they will be able to send you any information concerning a recall.

It pays to check with the retailer that sold you the stroller if they carry any replacement parts.  They may have information about parts at the store or on their website.  This can be important if you need to replace a wheel or if a piece has broken off.  You may be able to fix the unit instead of replacing the whole thing.   Checking the website of the manufacturer is also a good idea.  You should be able to see quickly if they have replacement parts available for ordering.

Always Keep Your Stroller In Good Condition

Keeping your stroller in good condition is usually a series of very simple and basic steps.  Don’t leave the stroller outside, especially in bad weather.  Always inspect the wheels and frame for any sign of wear and tear and replace of fix any obvious problems.  Keep the lining and hood clean and free of tears.  If our stroller has a brake system, check it and make sure that it works properly.

A Few Extra Ideas

Buying a stroller can be fun.  You are excited to take your baby for a walk and you want to go everywhere with them.  Make sure you keep safety in mind at all times and try to be practical when it comes to choosing what kind of stroller you end up buying.  A well-made stroller can last for many years.

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