Peteme Video Baby Monitor System

Peteme Video Baby Monitor System

A multi-use monitoring system, the Peteme Baby Monitor is a feature loaded device that can be used throughout the home for a variety of reasons.  Using Bluetooth, this system can instantly send updates to your phone, tablet or computer whenever it detects sound or movement.

How to use a Peteme Video Baby Monitor.

The Peteme Video Baby Monitor

Video monitors for your baby’s room have become popular tools to help parents keep track of their child without having to go into the nursery and possibly waking up the baby.  Most parents are looking for two basic functions when it comes to a baby monitoring system.  They want to be able to see and hear what is going on in the nursery and they want to be able to talk to their child through the system.  The Peteme video baby monitor does both of these tasks very well, plus it has some additional features that make this a smart buy.

The Peteme video baby monitor has audio two way communication capabilities.

Having the ability to talk to your child while you are in another room is an extremely useful feature.  There are times when your child will be fussy or mildly upset and the sound of your voice is enough to calm them down and let them get back to sleep.  This systems two way communication feature is excellent, the sound is crystal clear and there is no background noise clutter that can be found with less well made units.  Controlling the volume is also easy and you can set your unit (phone, tablet etc) to vibrate to avoid any unwanted sounds.

What About The Video Monitor?

You are spending the extra money for the video monitoring feature so the picture needs to be clear and crisp.  That is exactly what you will find with the Peteme set up.  Featuring a 1920 X 1080 FHD resolution, the picture with regular room lighting is very good.  There are 9 infrared LED lights that help give a clean picture when the room is dark.  This means no extra light gets into the crib, possibly waking up your child.

One other very nice feature of the camera is that it can be controlled so that it scans and tilts.  This allows you to see more of the nursery and help determine if there is something in the room that is bothering your infant.

You can use the Peteme video baby monitor as a security device.

Motion Detector

It’s always nice to purchase a product for one purpose, only to find that it works well for another.  That is the case with the Peteme.  Because it is sending signals to your phone you can use it for other purposes than monitoring your child.  It works very well as a motion detector and can be used as a security device when you are not at home.  It’s easy to program the unit to act as a motion detector and send alerts to you whenever it detects unusual movement.

The base unit is attractive and is powered by your home’s electrical system.  Setting up the system is quite simple and the included instructions were very helpful.  There also are videos online that you can refer to.  There is no limit to the number of phones or tablets to use to receive the signal and the picture is generally quite clean.

A Few Negatives

Like any Bluetooth system the quality of the audio and video will depend on your internet quality.  Peteme’s quality diminishes quickly with weaker wi-fi signals.

Using the base as a security system is a great idea but if you place the base so that it looks out a window the reflection will confuse the camera.  You will need to move the base around and find the exact spot that will eliminate reflections but will still detect unusual movements.


For the price, this is a tremendous value.   Typically you can purchase this product for under $70 and we have seen regular sale prices at Amazon.   Both the audio and video work very well and the motion detection feature is more than adequate.  While the system requires proper syncing with your home internet it does work very well and is a good value.  This is a very good baby monitoring system for the price.

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