VTech Audio Baby Monitor Review

VTech Audio Baby Monitor Review

While the trend in baby monitors has been to move to high tech audio systems with controls for light and heat, many parents find that a basic audio only baby monitor works extremely well for keeping track of their sleeping child.  Because they are much simpler in design, audio only monitors are simple to set up and are very easy to take with if you are staying at a different home or in a hotel.  You can simply put one of the units in the crib and you are ready to monitor your child.

A review of the VTech audio only baby monitor.

The VTech Audio Baby Monitor

VTech offers a variety of baby monitoring systems that go from the very basic to the very complex.  This audio only system (model DM221) is a perfect system for those times when you just want to hear how your baby sounds and still have the ability to talk to them through the system.

This setup consists of a base unit that is used to monitor the child and a room unit which is placed in the nursery and sends signals to the base.    We found that the signal was surprisingly clear and crisp, there were no annoying background noises and no signal interruptions.

Features Of both units of the VTech DM221 audio baby monitor.

The main unit (also called the parent unit) has a very sleek design and features an easy to read LED screen.  The sound level is easy to adjust and all of the control buttons are well marked and simple to use.  A nice feature is the belt clip, allowing you to move around the house and do other things without having to carry the monitor.

Two Units That Can Be Expanded To Three

The room unit (also called the child unit) is also to use.  You can adjust the volume and the light feature with the child unit.  The two way feature allows you to talk soothingly to your child while you are in another room.  Sometimes all your baby needs to calm down is to hear the sound of your voice.

The range on this system is amazing, up to 1000 feet.  This gives the parent a lot of flexibility, they can go into almost every room of the home and still keep in contact with their (hopefully) sleeping child.  The main unit can be set to vibrate, meaning that the system will vibrate if it detects sounds from the nursery.  This is a nice feature and helps to keep unwanted noise to a minimum.  The main unit also has a low battery warning light to help avoid dead batteries in the middle of the night.

Features of the VTech audio baby monitor.

This system also allows you to buy another parent unit.  The second unit gives you more flexibility by placing a main unit in different rooms.  The parent unit runs on batteries so you can easily move them from room to room without having to drag cords and cables with each move.

The child unit is powered by your home’s electricity, eliminating the need to charge any batteries.  Because of the sensitivity of the system you can place the unit as far as 6 feet away from the baby and still receive a very clear signal.  The night light feature is a plus and you can program it to turn off if there is no sound in a 15 minute span.

A Few Negatives

Obviously there is no video monitoring available with this system.  However, you are not paying for that additional feature.  No video helps keep the price of this system below $30, making this a great value.

The talk feature, while handy, takes a bit of adjusting to keep the sound in the baby’s room from being too loud and frightening.  Once you have found the proper volume it works very well.

VTech Audio Baby Monitor Conclusion

If you are looking for a basic baby monitoring system,  you can’t go wrong with the VTech DM221.  The price is outstanding and the basic function of listening to your child and being able to talk to them works very well.  Both units are well made and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.  This is a very good baby monitor system.

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