Why A Crib Is Important

Why A Crib Is Important

Your baby’s crib is one of the most important pieces of baby furniture that you will buy. It is going to be in constant use during the first year of baby’s life. And because of this, it’s going to need to be a long-lasting, high quality product. This means you want to be able to find a crib that lasts for many years, so you can pass it onto your children when they grow older and have to buy their own crib.

Check Out Convertible Cribs

One way to get a great baby crib that will last for years is to invest in a deluxe Victorian Daybed. This crib is styled after the timeless styles found in Victorian times and offers great sturdiness and functionality. In addition to the classic styling of the daybed, it also offers a contemporary twist with its sleek lines and non-toxic mattress. Incidentally, there’s also a new trend of having Victorian daybeds made with organic materials. In addition to being made from sustainable wood, it is also made from bamboo. If you like the look of bamboo, but prefer a more non-toxic alternative, be sure to check out the organic option.

Graco Convertible Crib

One way to save even more money on the baby crib you’re eventually going to buy is to purchase bamboo slats for the rails. Bamboo slats are incredibly durable and are typically covered with a clear lacquer. Because it doesn’t retain moisture, bamboo slats can stand up to your baby’s perspiration without getting damaged. These slats can also be easily removed if your baby grows over the years since you can simply remove the old slats and replace them with the newer ones. This allows you to change the design of the rails over the years without having to go through the hassle of replacing the whole baby crib.

Changing Tables Can Be Great Pieces Of Furniture

Another consideration that may seem a bit trivial is the changing table that will go with your baby crib. However, you’ll find that this is an area where you want to invest some money in. Why? First of all, changing tables come in a variety of different styles. Some are built with a platform, which is the height at which the baby will be able to change positions. Other baby cribs include a built in changing table, which saves space and makes the process of changing baby out easier.

Other features you may consider in your baby crib include locks, which will prevent a baby from getting out of their crib. Cribs generally don’t have locks, so there will always be times when your baby is too small to get in or out of it. Fortunately, you can purchase a lock that can be locked and unlocked with either a key or proximity sensor. This feature will ensure that your baby is protected no matter what time of the day they may get out of their baby crib. A lock that is green guards certified by the American Academy of Pediatric Nurses can help to ensure that it is a good investment as well.

Davinci Convertible Crib

When it comes to shopping for a convertible crib for your little one, it is important to keep a few things in mind. If the crib is for a toddler, then you’ll likely want to choose a convertible crib that has a drop side for a toddler bed. Keep in mind that this may not be the best way for you to transition your child to sleeping in a full size crib later. Also, make sure that you choose a convertible crib that includes a bed rail, since this will help to prevent your little one from rolling off the mattress. Finally, pick a convertible crib that is made with slip-resistant material to prevent accidents from happening.

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